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Challenge #3

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Challenge #3

  1. Use them for kids’ crafts and make sock puppets. Kids always have fun making crafts, all you need is pair of socks and some crafts materials.
  2. Use them for dusting – Put an old sock on your hands and dust.
  3. Make a sock bun. A lot of girls these days love the perfect bun for their hair. A sock is the perfect material, instead of going out and buying something, use an old sock.
  4. Use on your Swiffer instead of the Swiffer sheets.
  5. Cut of the foot and use it on a cup or bottle. It was help with the cold and hot drinks.
  6. Make a cat toy. Take the sock and put some catnip. Fast, easy and money saving.
  7. Put it over an ice pack. You know when you put a cold pack on your skin and it is so cold, put a sock over it.
  8. Use it to clean or wax your car.
  9. Use it to store things. Example small toys, tennis ball and golf balls
  10.  Make a homemade hacky sack. Fill the sock with dried rice, dried peas, or beads. Sew the opening together in a ball shape.

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